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We Procure First-Rate Time Clocks, CCTV Cameras, and More

Technology Procurement and Services

As IT procurement consultants, GFS Business Development in Kanifing South, The Gambia understands the role technology plays in the modern world and on our various engagements across a variety of institutions. We are sure to help your institution receive world-class equipment that provide efficiency and effectiveness at a reduced cost.

Our innovative procurement services provide a customised solution to meet your institution’s specific needs. We make sure to identify opportunities for clients to maximise costs and equally provide the latest and highest quality of IT infrastructure required. We have a track record of delivering high-performance, low-risk, and first-class customer service.

We understand the dynamics of the IT environment and economics of the institutional atmosphere. That is why our range of materials are sophisticated, high-end, and low-energy to suit your specific needs. 

We Procure


Xenio  USB Fingerprint Time Clock

Smart Watches

Desktop Computers

CCTV Cameras

Door Access Control - Xenio AC500

We deliver within 14 business days.

Warranty and guarantee as per manufacturer policies.

Laptops- Apple Macbook or Windows PC

  • Laptops

  • Desktops

  • Printers

  • Servers

  • Cameras

  • Software

Xenio USB Fingerprint Time Clock

Recommended for clean, small office environments

  • Real-time “push” technology—See everything as it happens
  • IP65 waterproof—good for outdoors
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, no need to run cables (optional)
  • GFS Business Development provides a variety of world-class biometric time clocks that provides you with advanced methods to easily collect, track, and manage employee time and attendance.

    EasyClocking biometric time clocks are the most effective method to collect employee time, and also eliminates “buddy punching”—the practice of one worker clocking in and out for another. Choose from basic to advanced fingerprint technologies or iris recognition—a non-contact and quick biometric solution—offering an unmatched accuracy when compared to any other biometric alternatives.

    As an EasyClocking and SekureID distributing agent for West Africa, GFS Business Development can provide your institution with the fastest solutions at unbeatable prices.

    Door Access Control - Xenio AC500

    With its patented fingerprint technology and coupled with the world’s most advanced algorithm, the Xenio-AC500 is able to verify anyone, in any condition. Its advanced fake-finger detection and water-proof technology adds a higher level of security.

    Our access controls protect your assets and simplify your life with innovative, & intelligently-designed Biometric & RFID identity management products and solutions

    As an EasyClocking SekureID Distributing Agent for West Africa, GFS Business Development can provide your institution with the fastest solutions at unbeatable prices.

    Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras

    GFS Business Development provides CCTV services for a variety of circumstances (institutional and private) to provide video surveillance. This is an incredibly useful tool for employers for reasons such as:

    Protecting employees—it protects them against false allegations, which are very common depending on the nature of the business

  • Preventing employee theft—a lot of times it is the employees themselves who steal from the business, statistics and focus have shown this
  • Keeping records—it serves as an automated system for keeping records and can allow you to prove to clients and check yourself that their shipments were indeed deployed
  • Inspiring confidence—it is also useful to the customers themselves by creating a safe feeling environment; it allows you to spot crimes against customers
  • Enabling 24-hour monitoring of all the designated areas
  • Enabling clear identification of miscreants within the range of the cameras
  • Providing continuous recording of all cameras in the system
  • Enabling rapid movement of any camera to pre-set positions of pan, tilt, and zoom
  • Providing general surveillance of the site without compromising overall security
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