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Outsource Your Print Management to Us and Cut Costs

GFS Print Management Services

The result of our print management services at GFS Business Development is,simple gaining visibility and control of your printing. This helps your institution save money and boost productivity. Our print management service also helps improve environmental sustainability and document security.

By "printing," we mean the total cost of ​managing and optimising your printers, their output, and the people and processes that support these devices.

The services we offer to your institution will be based on a paper print cost mechanism in which cost is only incurred by your institution when printing services are sent. This service can be customised to allow print jobs to be based on an identification system as per department or unit, or through coding of staff identifications.

This will ensure transparency and drastically cut down on wastage, thus an instant reflection in printing and overhead cost reduction by you.

  • Immediately cuts printing costs

  • Saves IT staff and user time Restrict Users, Groups, OUs and Printers

  • Create Customized Restriction Based Rules

  •  Restrict Number of Pages per job

  •  Restrict Number of Copies per job

  •  Restrict Duplicate Printing

  • Restrict Page Size

  • Reduces total cost of IT infrastructure

  •  Immediately reduces printing waste

Through print management services, you can outsource print management to us and cut costs by as much as 30%.

The software includes monitoring of all print servers and printers from a single location. The printer monitor sends email alerts automatically when the printers have errors, toner low, out of paper or jobs have remained in the queue for longer than the pre-defined allowable wait time.


" Our partnership with print management giant PaperCut opens the world of print technology as an easy to use print application that allows your institution to monitor all printing activity, control who’s printing and how much is being printed, identify the costs of printing across the entire organization, allowing secure print by PIN or card at the printer, eliminate wasted paper, and reduce your printing costs. This comprehensive print management solution has proved useful for many business. "

                                                                                       Bubacarr Jobarteh

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